How to Exercise In Your Car

People lead busy lives these days and there isn’t always enough time in one day to do everything that you want. However, there are also a lot of creative ways to get things done in unconventional ways. Here’s how to exercise in your car.

Wrists and Forearms

An easy way to get your wrists and forearms some exercise during your daily commute is to purchase a grip strengthener that you can use while driving. It’s an inexpensive device, and it takes up very little space.



Depending on how big and strong you are, you may be able to exercise your biceps using a dumbbell. If your goal is to keep your biceps toned, you can bring a smaller dumbbell in your car to do bicep curls while you are driving.



One way to get your core some work is to do core lifts. You can do this by pushing down with your feet and raising your waist off the seat repeatedly.

While none of these exercises are going to turn you into a triathlete, they are simple exercises that can help keep your body toned. At the very worst, you make better use of your time in the car.

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