Chevrolet Leads in 2016 Sales Numbers

2016 sales numbersGeneral Motors and, subsequently, brands under its umbrella such as Chevrolet have always been a formidably titan in the U.S. auto market. Judging from 2016 sales numbers, it appears Chevy and its sister brands are still going strong. GM sales have seen a 10% jump just from comparing December 2016 to sales numbers in December 2015, showing that the massive conglomerate only continues to grow in the face of its own success.

Chevrolet was a major contributor to this growth in 2016. The biggest burst in unit sales for Chevy came in the form of the Colorado, which saw a 19.2% increase in sales over the course of the month of December. However, total Chevrolet sales for the entire month grew by 12.8% in comparison to the previous year, capping out at 212,959 units sold.

Representatives from General Motors and from Chevrolet have expressed optimism about 2016 sales numbers, especially considering the brands’ success allows for a good position going into the beginning of the 2017 sales year. Chevy is expected to continue benefitting from the strength of the American economy. Overall, retail sales continue to be strong, with more consumers looking for a Chevy to drive.

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