How to Use Official Silverado Accessories to Customize Your Truck

Each potential truck buyer comes to the showroom with a unique purpose in mind. Chevy knows that the freedom to customize your truck is important. From work to play and everything in between, the Silverado has to be able to adapt. And that’s where official Silverado accessories come into play.

For the bed alone, there are a host of great enhancements. The Bed Extender helps you haul longer loads safely. The Bedliner and Bed Mat protect your bed from potentially damaging loads. If you often carry more fragile loads, the Bed Rug can provide that type of protection.

Many people also find that they have the need to secure and stow various kinds of loads. Chevy has you covered! You can easily haul your mountain bikes with the Hitch Mounted Bicycle Carrier. Haul your skis with the Hitch Mounted Ski Carrier. The Roof Rack kit allows you to secure any number of objects. Get it in combination with the Roof-Mounted Bicycle Carrier to haul your two-wheeler on top.

Beyond utility, there are countless official Silverado accessories for making your truck look great. Fender flares, emblems, mirror covers, chrome fuel door—they are available to help trick out your Silverado.

Of course, the Silverado Special Editions come already accessorized, like the Realtree Edition with authentic Realtree exterior graphics or the cool and all blacked-out Silverado Midnight Edition.

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