The Best Places to Drive a Corvette in the Region

The Corvette looks great in motion and at rest, but this model wasn’t built to sit in a garage. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best places to drive a Corvette, each of which is ranked as one of America’s “Best Driving Roads.” Whether you like endless straightaways or curvy backroads, you’re bound to love driving in your new ‘Vette.

In the Midwest, one of the top places is located right here in Illinois, according to Super Chevy. The Scenic Ridge Road located north of Savanna is 18 miles of smooth driving, open road, and scenic views. There are elevation changes, multiple curves, and few other drivers. You won’t want to leave the Scenic Ridge Road once you drive here.

A drive north to Stillwater, MN, will be well rewarded if you head towards Ellsworth, WI, a 40-mile stretch of backroads and stunning views. You’ll pass over the St. Croix River and hit some serious curves, letting you truly let go in your Corvette.

Finally, head south to Kentucky for some of the best backroads in the US. These roads—especially Route 22 to Willow—are the reason you bought a Corvette in the first place. You can open up the throttle and zoom through the area. You might have to keep an out for motorcyclists, as they can’t get enough of the area—one way you know this route is fun to drive on.

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