Roughing-It on Road Trips: Tips for Car-Camping

Car-camping is becoming especially popular among the younger generation of drivers. This camping experience is the truly modern equivalent of roughing-it, often requiring you to sleep in your car for extended periods of time. While it might not sound that great, you can save big by car-camping, letting you take more adventures than ever before. We’ve put together tips for car-camping to help you get the most out of your next road trip.

According to Morning Fresh, you need to minimize as much as possible. That means getting rid of anything that is unnecessary and downsizing everything. Pack light, only bring snacks that don’t need a cooler, and use laundromats instead of packing your entire wardrobe. When you are spending almost an entire trip in a car, you will come to appreciate every square inch you save. Naturally, keep things like emergency kits and the spare tire.

Plan some things in advance. One of the great things about car-camping is that you have tons of freedom to do whatever you want; however, you should have a basic agenda just in case. Look up activities at the destination and while on the way there. If you are rock climbing or doing another outdoor activity, check to see when the locals suggest going.

As for sleeping, keep a window cracked for a fresh supply of air. Naturally, you will be a little more exposed than in a hotel, but fresh air is key. Make room for an impromptu sleeping area and always keep the driver’s seat free. Most national parks let you spend the night for free. And of course, be sure to keep your keys and valuables within reach at all times and never leave they key in the ignition.

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