#SmallTalk with Al Madrigal

#SmallTalk with Al Madrigal

Chevrolet has car options for everyone, whether an SUV or a compact car is the one for you. But lately, Chevrolet is talking up small cars with Daily Show’s Al Madrigal.

It’s called #SmallTalk with Al Madrigal, and you can find it on Youtube. The whole series takes place in a Chevy Sonic, Spark, and Trax. The whole theme is small. Each episode only runs about 4 minutes, but in those 4 minutes, you’ll learn awesome things about the featured Chevy.

In the first episode, Al Madrigal shows off the Chevy Sonic to a woman named Jenny he picked up at a bus stop. She checks out what the Sonic has to offer, like built-in 4G LTE WiFi.

Chevy’s ads encourage love for small cars, and you can check out more at the official website. There, you’ll find tons of fun features, like a digital workshop that helps you “Find Your Smallmate.” You can pick your car’s color and even add fun elements to it like bunny ears or funny glasses!

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