Customize Your Car with One of These Popular Dashboard Accessories

Did you know that your dashboard is useful for more than collecting dust? You can use it for mounting all kinds of nifty accessories. Check out these popular dashboard accessories and find the right one for your car.

  • Hula Dancer: This classic mini-doll poses on your dashboard via its base and shakes its hips as you drive! You can’t beat a Hawaiian classic that typically sells for under $10.
  • Adhesive Pad: If you’re not sure what to put on your dashboard but would like the chance to use it as extra table space, keep loose items from sliding around by applying a reusable pad.
  • Electronics Stand: Position your phone or GPS where you can see it without it restricting your view of the windshield by applying a mount to your dashboard.
  • Cover: Yes, if you think your windshield is too boring, or it suffered previous cosmetic damage, you can cover it with a specifically-fitted overlay with various cool designs.
  • Camera: Dash cams are all the rage and aren’t too expensive. Invest in one to capture important moments on video.

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