Millennials React to “Real People, Not Actors” Commercials

People accuse Millennials of being a lot of things, but unimportant is not one of them. Every company knows that the future of their financial success lies in winning over customers between 18-30 years of age. And that’s a difficult segment to reach.

The latest in Chevrolet’s series of “Real People, Not Actors” commercials directly targets this demographic by involving a group of young men and women. And the commercial has caused a stir in the Millennial community.

Many of the younger associates, family members, and customers of Hawk Chevrolet Cadillac have seen this commercial and have shared their thoughts with us. It’s interesting to hear the mixed reactions of the people this ad is targeting.

The video, which you can watch for yourself on Chevy’s YouTube channel, shows how Millennials don’t like being stereotyped and care more about products than marketing. After being pitched a fake ad, audience members explain how they don’t want an ad that appeals to them, but a car that does. Then comes the bait-and-switch reveal of the Cruze.

Millennials are very self-aware and recognize that, in the ad, many of the participants fit the stereotypes they’re offended by, and condemn the fake ad for being “contrived,” despite the actual commercial being a bit contrived. But given all of the advertising campaigns from various companies that try to to fit consumers into “groups,” it’s refreshing to have Chevy understand that, ultimately, it’s the car that matters.

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