GM Sells 100,000th Chevy Volt

GM sold its 100,000th Chevy Volt last month, the car that started the plug-in hybrid segment in 2010. As the first long-range electric car, the Volt has been setting industry standards ever since its debut, and this is an important milestone for all electric car makers.

The Volt, which is a sporty sedan with great performance along with unmatched electric range and hybrid performance, proves to the average consumer that electric cars aren’t just for environmentalists. Chevy says Volt drivers have saved almost 58 million gallons of gas since 2010 and have driven 1.5 billion miles in the fully electric mode.

The Volt is also the foundation of Chevy’s electric and hybrid car family, which includes the Spark EV, the Malibu Hybrid, and the upcoming Bolt, the first fully electric car available in the US that will be both long-range and affordable.

The second generation of the Volt debuted earlier this year, built on a new platform and sporting a new propulsion system and an electric range of 53 miles, a full 15 miles more than the 2015 model. Combined with its super efficient hybrid engine that boasts an EPA-estimated 42 mpg combined, the 2016 Volt has a range of 420 miles on a full tank of gas and a full charge.

The Volt continues to be a staple in the ecofriendly car world. Congratulations to Chevy and the Volt!

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