Back to School Driving Tips

Whether you’re a long-time parent or a teen that just got their license, it’s always a good idea to brush up on back to school driving. Keep yourself, your kids, and the people around you safe with these tips.

For parents dropping their kids off, don’t drop them off across the street. Pull up to the front of the school to let them out, even if you have to wait in a long line. Look up the drop-off procedures before the school year starts and check every year for changes. Don’t double park, and look into carpooling with other parents to reduce the number of cars in the line.

Teen drivers should remember to leave ten minutes early every morning, avoid driving distractions like texting or eating, and always wear a seatbelt. If you think you’re going to be late, don’t drive too fast or make hasty decisions! Stay calm. The school would rather you come late than not at all.

When you’re driving in school zones, you’ll be sharing the road with school buses and kids walking or biking to school. These all require extra precaution and knowledge. If a school bus has its stop sign out, you always have to stop behind it and wait for it to go. Stop far enough back to let kids go behind the bus.

If you’re driving behind a bicyclist, pass them slowly and give them a wide berth to avoid jarring them, and watch for bikes coming out of driveways. Don’t expect bicyclists to signal, especially young ones. When sharing the road with pedestrians, don’t block crosswalks at red lights and pay attention to crossing guards. Above all, stay vigilant!

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